Fearless Change

You need three things to make your idea happen:  your belief in the idea, the determination to act on your belief, and some strategies to make it happen. You supply the first two and the patterns in Fearless Change and More Fearless Change provide the third.

Whether you are a change agent, a change leader, a change artist, or you find yourself on the receiving end of change and transformation, this book will arm you with a vast collection of actionable insights and nuggets to better understand the art and science of change.

J.D. Meier

Sources of Insight

Strategies for Making Your Ideas Happen

A truly valuable resource for anyone attempting to pursue change or translate their ideas into real action.

Ewan Milne 


This is an essential part of any change agent's toolbox.


Do you have a "good idea" but don't know how to make it happen?  

Wouldn't it be wonderful if people who have successfully turned ideas into reality could share  their strategies with you?